Accelerated Learning Program

Nurture Top Ivy Elites, or 1~2 Years Earlier College Graduation, Starting from Age 10 on Grade 4, Conquer 10~20 APs in 9 Years

Advanced Placement = AP

1 AP = 3 credit hours in college, based on;

10 APs = 30 credit hours in college, equivalent to 1 years of college learning but in a U.S. high school;

20 APs = 60 credit hours in college, equivalent to 2 years of college learning but in a U.S. high school;

Four year college degree needs 120~128 credit hours to graduate, so 10 APs can accelerate your college by cutting one year, and 20 APs by cutting two years;

Top Ivy colleges such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Columbia won't allow you to cut short college 4 years, but allow you to learn much deeper into graduate school courses;

Most public colleges will allow you to accelerate 1 to 2 years for your college degree, depending on different colleges' requirements;

If you really want to cut short your college four years into 2 to 3 years, you might need to work on CLEPs instead of APs, both of which have been developed by the CollegeBoard, because CLEPs are the entire college courses while APs are only short-version of college courses.

Top colleges require ~ 12 AP’s.

Nonschool.Camp can make even 15 most challenging college-level AP courses piece of cake for most high-school students using speed learning techniques.

Nonschool.Camp can accelerate students’ learning by cutting their 4-year college one to two years short,

so that parents spend years less in raising children while kids can earn salary years earlier than peers, thereby saving their families hundreds of thousands of dollars in total.

Start younger and even save more!

Low-income family kids can even readily win scholarships or free-ride college tuition with the help of Nonschool.Camp’s accelerated learning program.’s mission is equivalent to expanding #1 college by 100 times bigger in size physically, bringing education to 2.0 version.

Nonschool.Camp promotes elite education should become an inalienable basic human right of all kids living inside the United States.

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