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Nonschool.Camp is run by a 501c3 charity, Free Nonschool Open-Source Education Fund I, Inc., which has been listed on by New York State Charities Bureau, Division of Social Justice. If you donate to us, you can get the tax deduction from U.S. IRS. And Paypal supports Nonschool.Camp by giving us a discount on any transaction, so the money-transferring cost with Paypal here is 1.99% + 50¢, 1% below the industry average. Thanks for your donation and great support! And you can also donate at the #GoFundMe page as quoted on Nonschool.Camp or go directly to the #GoFundMe website to donate over there.

Why Nonschool.Camp?

  • Nonschool.Camp is a free-ride elite speed learning summer camps for top students from low-income families, in which kids spend only half of time but learning three to five times more effectively, so they can live a far happier childhood without burnout.

  • Poor family kids have no money to compete with rich kids and Nonschool.Camp is here to help make American Dreams come true.

  • Although elites account for only ~ 3% of total population, they innovate almost 100% of new technologies!

  • Nonschool.Camp started from New York City, will expand to 100 cities in 5 years.

Why Nonschool.Camp for Kids at 10~15 Years Old?

  • Kids at 10 years old have grown 98% of human brain.

  • Nonschool.Camp recruits top 80 percentile students at 10 on grade 4 of intermediate school until 15 on grade 9 in high school.

  • Top colleges require ~ 12 AP’s.

  • Nonschool.Camp can make even 15 most challenging college-level AP courses piece of cake for most high-school students using speed learning techniques.

  • Nonschool.Camp can accelerate students’ learning by cutting their 4-year college one to two years short,

  • so that parents spend years less in raising children while kids can earn salary years earlier than peers, thereby saving their families hundreds of thousands of dollars in total.

  • Start younger and even save more!

  • Low-income family kids can even readily win scholarships or free-ride college tuition with the help of Nonschool.Camp’s accelerated learning program.

  •’s mission is equivalent to expanding #1 college by 100 times bigger in size physically, bringing education to 2.0 version.

  • Nonschool.Camp promotes elite education should become an inalienable basic human right of all kids living inside the United States.

  • Enroll your kids in https://Nonschool.Camp Now, Immediately, which can improve your kids’ confidence and productivity while reducing learning stress!

  • Based on Wall Street theorist Ray Dalio’s recent research, America is on the decline while China is rising.

  • And investing in education can boost technology and innovations that can drive economy, but needs 60+ years in advance to prepare and deploy.

  • Let’s all Americans pool our resources together to reinvent U.S. over again from generation to generation.

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  • Why Nonschool.Camp?

  • Kids forget 67% of what they’ve learned within one day, and forget most in only a few months.

  • By following Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve, kids can learn much faster and deeper by reviewing back 5 times quickly and therefore pushing knowledge into nearly long-term memory.

  • Nonschool.Camp uses Operations Research Optimization and Project Management Techniques to Control Quality.

  • Students account for only ~20% of total population, but represent 100% future of America!

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  • Nonschool Fund is an IRS 501c3 charity listed by under AGO’s Charities Bureau, Department of Social Justice to prevent hierarchy solidification, sharpen U.S. competitiveness, and improve quality of U.S. population.

  • Nonschool Fund now hiring Regional Senior Director of Fundraisers with half a million U.S. dollars in yearly salary plus commission.

  • Welcome all college interns and Professional Fundraisers to make this miracle happen. It is you that nurture millions of talents who can reinvent U.S. from rundown.

  • Please apply now by calling 917-524-7788, again 917-524-7788 or emailing Fundraising @ Non . School

U.S. is on the Decline, Action Now!!!

Yes, if we were not to take actions now, China would surpass America by changing the world order, thereby transferring Beacon of Hope for the world from America to China and therefore making China the City upon a Hill instead of America. All Americans, let's pool all our resources together by educating millions of top talents on a yearly basis, thereby making them revive America and therefore rendering Beacon of Hope for the World brighter and brighter over and over again from generation to generation.

Education Leading Factor 60years Ahead

Based on Dalio's research, among all factors that affect the rise of an empire, education is the leading indicator (the blue line as shown on the right chart) and the most important one. Without education to foster enough top talents that has been deployed almost a century ahead of an empire's peak time, there would be no enough build-up of innovation and technological advancement to make the Beacon of Hope for the World brighter and brighter over and over again as time goes by, and of course no improvement of competitiveness in the world as the City upon a Hill from generation to generation.

Education -> Innovations -> Leadership

Based on Ray Dalio's New Book Principles for Dealing With The Changing World Order, if Americans want to revive the United States as an empire, or a Beacon of Hope for the World, we must put on enough efforts on education③ and then millions of top talents trained on a yearly basis will lead① the country with their own massive inventions in each and every field, which is our strong culture④ built in genes of all Americans. ①③④ are the most important and the first prioritized for all Americans to take immediate actions NOW!

Ray Dalio Rants Future Beacon of Light...

Please listen to Ray Dalio's own words carefully. America is losing the competition against China. Ray Dalio also called Wall Street Theorist, is the founder of BridgeWater Associates, the 5th largest money-management company in the United States.

Bring up Your Kids to Elites Free-Ride...

Encourage your own kids to jump into a brave new world with a 3000-foot Leap of Faith on the speed learning platform of Nonschool's Free Entry-Stage Courses and/or Xpeed's Elite One-on-One Tutoring Camps by spending half of time learning 3~5 times knowledge more efficiently and effectively, so that your kids would have enough time to enjoy their happy childhood life instead of turning themselves into a bookworm of much higher a pressure. And then the whole wild world has been changed to your kids for the rest of their healthier and elitist life...TAKE THE PLUNGE NOW!

Students Keep Forgetting...

After one month, students have forgotten 79% of what they have learned before, as shown on the above chart. So, students have to review back before their memory has dropped to a certain level, say 90%, in order to make the learning process more efficient and productive, otherwise students would waste their time in repeat-learning the same stuff over and over again without enough learning output and productivity.

Ebbinghaus's Forgetting Curve

Based on Ebbinghaus's research, as long as students have reviewed back the fifth-time on a short notice, then those learning points have been pushed into students' medium- or even long-term memory by forming a physical neuron mapping in their brains. How to achieve this organic repeat without feeling the boredom is this elite speed learning program has been doing the in-depth research for some three-decades.

Why Treat 10-Years as Adults?

Kids at 10-year old have developed their brains as close to adults as possible, thereby meaning they can cater to any sort of complicated learning process. Therefore, Nonschool.Fund's Entry-Stage Courses only cherry-pick top students with a score at 80 or higher on a specific subject starting from the fourth grade at 10 years old in an intermediate school to the ninth grade at 15 years old in a high school.

Why Nonschool? A Free-Ride Elite Education Program to All

Nonschool.Fund's Free Entry-Level Courses, a speed-learning elite educational program jump-started from NYC that can make students spend half of time learning 3~5 times more than ever before, are specially designed for fulfilling American Dreams by those top students from low-income families, therefore opening one door for them to land in an elite college later on so as to prevent the hierarchy solidification, improve the U.S. competitiveness, and enhance the overall quality of U.S. population.

Hi, my name is Maverick and I have a grand goal of raising 6-million-US-dollars funds to help launch a school of 501c3 charity summer camps for 10,000 top students from low-income families covering grade 4 at 10 years old in an intermediate school to grade 9 at 15 in a high school. I changed my career track from a senior hedge fund analyst to an enrichment educator, and since then I have been running Global Elites Network Xpeed Learning Academy for more than a decade. I personally graduated from World's #1 Engineering School, and then earned an MBA degree from Purdue University under the fellowship. I've been doing research on how to make students learn faster for the past three decades by spending half of time yet learning 3~5 times more and deeper than ever before. I have been a school principal for 2 decades, so I think my know-how can benefit millions of kids in the United States down the road.

My team launched an IRS 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Charity: Free Nonschool Open-Source Education Fund I, Inc. We plan to open the Nonschool Camp at NYC first in the next summer and then expand to the most populous communities of more than 100 cities across the United States. We need your help to support us in the first launch of the Nonschool Camp in the New York City next summer by providing 5000 top students from low-income families with the elite enrichment education.

Missions: Free Nonschool Open-Source Education Fund I, Inc. is an open platform of non-profit and non-school IRS 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Charity. We started from NYC and plan on expending to more than 100 cities around the nation within 5 years. Nonschool.Fund is part of American Dreams: For all students who want to turn themself into elites, as long as they have passion and motivation, courage, bravery, and commitment to working hard, Nonschool.Fund would help them to jump start their first "rocket launch". Nonschool.Fund is Making the United States Greater and Greater Again by improving the overall educational quality of U.S. population and therefore sharpening the U.S. competitiveness worldwide. America's future is based on how strong America's young generation grows, and Nonschool.Fund is to empower them with knowledge and skills to be best prepared for a Greater and Greater America. If those highly motivated students don't have money and resources, Nonschool.Fund will provide them with the elite education free of tuition. The Nonschool.Fund team also welcomes all elites from around the world to join, so that we together can make American Dreams come true by empowering millions of kids on a yearly basis who are now living or traveling in the United States.

Please GoFundMe on #NonschoolCamp ! Go Fund American Future so that our top elites can reinvent America again generation after generation!

Missions of Free Nonschool Open-Source Education Fund I, Inc. - an IRS 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Charity:

The United States has a legend since its inception and Nonschool.Fund was born to preserve that centuries-long legacy while Making America Greater Again.

We are here to fight the solidification of the social status by providing opportunities for those in need, such as the poor, the destressed, and the underprivileged.

We provide the best elite education for American kids free of tuition so that they can learn knowledge and skills to improve the future economy and morality of their society.

We are not here only for top elites but for the general public as a whole so that within decades the quality of U.S. population will be dramatically improved.

We use the optimal market force to lessen burdens of local and federal governments by allocating the elite educational resources more efficiently and effectively.

We are here to eliminate educational prejudices and discriminations against Asians, Jews, Latinos, Native Indians, Whites, Blacks, Islanders...because all kids in the United States should have an inalienable right for their own elite education.

We are advocators who have been promoting a proposal that all elite educational resources like Ivy League Colleges et al be accessed to each and every American, which means elite education should become an inalienable right of all kids living inside the United States, one of basic human rights by All Americans.

We are improving the law-and-order social stability in low-income communities because we provide low-income-family kids with unprecedented opportunities.

We are fighting the ever-increasing deteriorations of education, because without Algebra in California and Trigonometry in New York U.S. will lose its competitiveness.

We are helping communities in countering juvenile delinquencies since we can provide them with a more prospective and brighter future down the road as an elite.

About the Nonschool.Camp:

1. Speed Learning based on Operations Research Optimization, Project Management, and SixSigma Quality Control;

2. Enhance students’ productivity and therefore boost up their learning output and confidence;

3. Relieve students’ stress and thus save their time for more social events, sports activities, and entertainments with a far happier life;

4. Upgrade one-man classes to iterations by a team of elites progressing from continue improved speed learning process, just as Apple has been devoting thousands of programmers to iterating iOS from 1.0.0 in 2007 to current 16.0.0 spanning for 15 years;

5. Free to all to help low-income families: prevent hierarchy solidification, improve U.S. competitiveness, and enhance overall quality of U.S. population.

A charity non-profit, non-school elite education program generalized for fostering millions of top students in the most populous communities of more than 100 cities across the United States on a yearly basis, a great complement to all current public and private schools in order to fully take advantage of all the precious resources of the current U.S. public and private schooling systems, uses the market force to allocate extremely rare elite educational resources more optimally than ever before while bringing the aged education system from the cookie cutter 1.0 version for training the assembly line workers of the Industrial Revolution originating centuries ago to the updated personalized customization 2.0 version for nurturing top talents of the modern twenty-first century Information Revolution. Then, millions of top talents graduated a year can use their own inventions, leadership, and American Spirits to reinvent America in each and every field over and over again in order to counteract the United States from going downhill generation after generation.

About the Nonschool.Fund Team:

Maverick Bian

Chairman, CEO and President at a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Charity,

Free Nonschool Open-Source Education Fund I, Inc.

Former Wall Street Hedge Fund Senior Analyst

MBA under Fellowship, Graduated from World's #1 Engineering School

John Mo

Secretary and Managing Director at a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Charity,

Free Nonschool Open-Source Education Fund I, Inc.

Former Associate Research Scientist, Columbia University

Postdoctoral Research Scientist in NIH

Ph.D. and M.D. from World's Top Medical School

Keling Cheng

Vice Chair and Managing Director at a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Charity,

Free Nonschool Open-Source Education Fund I, Inc.

Former Senior Automation Leads Over 20 Years

in Transamerica Retirement Solutions, Priceline, Scholastic

Automate 90% of Software Applications

Build the Entire Automation Environment from the Beginning

Master of Philosophy in Chemistry from UK, Perkin-Elmer USA

Computer Network, Database and Programming Certificate Courses from Columbia University, USA

Professor Li

Deputy Chair and Managing Director at a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Charity,

Free Nonschool Open-Source Education Fund I, Inc.

World's Renowned Scholar in International Sociology

An Array of Connections with and Supports from Elites

Such as former Twain President Ying-Jeou Ma,

Former Senator Richard Green Lugar, Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Richard Armitage, former Deputy Secretary of State, George W. Bush Administration

and Professor Andrew James Nathan, former Director of Institute of East Asia in Columbia University

Mrs. Lee

Vice Chair and Managing Director at a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Charity,

Free Nonschool Open-Source Education Fund I, Inc.

NYC Decade-Long Senior Real Estate Investor and Treasurer

MBA, Graduated from World's #1 Engineering School

Doctor Lin

Chair of Six-Sigma Committee of Advisory Board at a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Charity,

Free Nonschool Open-Source Education Fund I, Inc.

IBM Six-Sigma Black Belt for Two Decades, Scientist

Principle Member of Technical Staff, Chip-Manufacturing Fab

Ph.D, Graduated from World's #1 Engineering School

And Hundreds More in the Nonschool.Fund Team...